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Highland Blue

Good formal shirts for men. Yes, they are most popular for their pieces of denim.But they have quite a nice collection of formal shirts too. Highlandblue formal shirts are easily available in India (Online and Offline). And undoubtedly, they are one of the best formal shirt brands in India.

Ultra Force

Is very famous for its party wear, casual wear, and formal wear men clothes. They are a very popular clothing brand in India.Many popular celebrities has been the brand ambassador for Ultraforce.So if you are looking to buy some really good formal shirts in India. Then definitely consider checking out Ultraforce men’s formal shirts collection.You can buy Ultraforce formal shirts for men from online and offline too. And they are for sure one of the best formal shirts brands in India.

Apnna Comfort

Quite familiar name in the clothing industry in India. They are also one of the top and best formal shirts brands in India too. Apnna Comfort formal shirts quality is really good. And they have a loyal fan base.Apnna Comfort formal shirts have a high appeal compared to the other formal shirts brands.You can easily find the Apnna Comfort formal shirts across the stores in India.

Quality Assurance

Fine Cotton

I will not beat around the bush. If you can afford a high-quality cotton like Pima, Swiss or Egyptian cotton of two-ply cottons with a high thread count of at least 160 to 220 you do not need to read any further. Go and buy that because shirts made with these fabrics will stand all tests of time and wear and make you look elegant and dapper throughout.Cotton fabrics like Egyptian, Sea Island, or American Pima cotton – these are the best and most desirable fabric for making shirts. They are very expensive as well. But there is a reason for that. These cotton fabric are all made from the fibers of the same plant with a cotton termed as extra long staple length which means they can be made into fine and strong yarns with which these fabrics are made of. They are the softest with very high thread count and has a two-ply construction.Out of these, Egyptian cotton is the finest. American Pima comes second. In Egyptian cotton, Giza 45 is the best but if you want to buy shirts made of this fabric, you will pay through your nose because it is used to make the most exclusive dress shirts in the world and you know how much the “exclusive” label costs Pima cotton broadcloth is a high quality but inexpensive fabric with soft and smooth finish – it is a very popularly used cotton fabric for shirts. This fabric has a very fine, horizontal ribbed texture which is very attractive.


Poplin, the most popular shirt fabric, is a plain weave fabric which is smooth, cool and breathable with a crisp feel. A good quality poplin is a superfine tightly woven, high-quality fabric. It is an overall favourite for making dress shirts. The fabric is soft and very smooth to the touch.One disadvantage I can see with poplin as a shirt fabric is that if you want a completely opaque fabric this is not for you – it is thin and ever so slightly transparent. But this makes it lightweight which is an advantage. But then there is another disadvantage related to its thinness – it wrinkles. But when it is freshly pressed it is as crisp and elegant as you want a dress shirt to be. So considering all the great points it has, poplin is great for making shirts you can wear anytime anywhere, especially formal shirts End on end poplin is a dress shirt fabric with a subtle texture because of the way it is woven – weft thread is one color and the warp thread is another color. Usually, a colored thread in the warp and white thread in the weft is used for a more traditional effect. It looks like a solid from a distance but has a slight pattern to it. This is chosen over solid poplin because of this added dimension. End on End and Chambray are identical except for some subtle differences. The chambric fabric has warp-thread (usually indigo) and weft-thread (mostly off-white) crossing in its weave – the resultant subtly blue coloured fabric is a favorite for making casual shirts.


Twill is a fabric weave and the many fabrics which are made in this weave like Herringbone and Denim and Houndstooth and Cavalry are all very popular for making shirts. Twill weave makes the fabrics very soft to the touch but it is heavier than cotton, silk or poplin. It is a very durable and strong fabric but at the same time it hangs well on the body Get a tightly woven twill fabric and it will be very soft. Cavalry twills have very obvious weave pattern. You may want a more subtle twill weave; But in fact the diagonal weave of twill is very attractive so you may not mind it. Good quality Twill is slightly shiny (again because of the weave), easy to iron and is resistant to wrinkles.
Chino is a twill fabric which is light weight ; Houndstooth is a twill fabric with a check pattern ( with a houndstooth – dog’s tooth shape) usually in black and white. A herringbone twill fabric has diagonal stripes in a zig zag pattern – like the bones of a herring fish. You will have a choice of selecting formal twill fabric and casual twill fabrics – make your selection according to your need. Most of the twill fabrics are hard wearing and durable but denim is my absolute favourite – best for all season wear. It is fashionable every year.Look out for thinner, lighter denim ( not the denim used for making jeans) – you can ask for shirt weight denim.


Nothing is more elegant than clothes made of linen and it gets better with age and washings. It is more loosely woven and sheer than cotton and the most suitable fabric for wearing in hot summer climates But it wrinkles a lot and is not the most drapey – you must know it is slightly crisp – which of course adds to its look of elegance. But if you do not mind the disadvantage and you want a fabric that is natural and that breathes, nothing like linen. It is classy. I have been talking about 100% linen fabric – but if you take blended linen like a bamboo-linen blend, some of the problems of the linen has been taken care of .; it will wrinkle less and will be more drapey. Same is the case with a cotton/linen blend A shopkeeper may sell you cotton-blended linen – they are good and looks so much like linen but inexpensive. If you want pure linen do not buy this – you will have to double check, they maynot tell you outright.